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The Real Secret to Increasing Club Speed According to a 3-Time Major C

The Real Secret to Increasing Club Speed According to a 3-Time Major Champion

Right before a strong showing at the US Open where he finished T-27, 3x Major Champion and SuperSpeed Tour Ambassador Padraig Harrington talked with about his secrets to speed.

Harrington attributes a lot of his success off the tee to the SuperSpeed Golf Training System, which he says gives “instantaneous feedback,” which he thinks is important for every amateur.

“You need to have a goal, a purpose, and some feedback. So the SuperSpeed sticks provide it very well. You’re swinging. You’ve got purpose. You’ve got a PRGR monitor.”

“It’s amazing how many golfers want to increase their speed by going to the gym and doing speed drills. But when they go back to playing golf and they swing, they think it’s all just going to happen on the golf course without actually swinging harder. So the first thing they need to do is to mentally learn how to swing harder at the golf ball.”

That’s where Harrington says the help of the SuperSpeed Golf Training System can be a major benefit.

“So that’s what the speed sticks are about. There’s no inhibition when there’s no ball contact there. So you will learn how to swing harder that way.”

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