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AUD $699.99

For the first time ever and only this holiday season, you can get the complete training bundle in one place! We are offering both our award winning and tour tested training systems along with the PRGR Portable Launch Monitor all together at one low price! Use the PRGR to track your progress and the training system to hit the ball farther than you ever have before!

2018 and 2019 MyGolfSpy Editor's Choice Award for Top Full Swing Training Aid 

MyGolfSpy 59 Coolest Products of 2019


Counterweight training and Overspeed training are different in a few ways. Overspeed training increases the neuromuscular reaction speed of the body to a known motor program. This training uses lightweight clubs first to create a faster reaction in the muscles of the body to the signal sent by the brain. After only a few repetitions, the brain remembers and begins to expect this faster reaction speed. We then challenge the system with the middle and heavy weight clubs to permanently increase the player’s swing speed by 5-8%.

Counterweight training, in contrast, only uses one club which is significantly counterweighted compared to a normal driver. The player also grips the club below the counterweighted portion of the grip. This changes the physics of the club, altering the MOI and the potential release velocity and acceleration. We see a significant increase in velocity of the hands and arms in the golf swing around the area of impact. We also see an increase in release speed. These increases allow players who have both been working with overspeed training for some time and those who have never worked with overspeed training to see significant swing speed gains from the hand and arm segments of the swing.

We have designed both the original Overspeed Training system and our new Counterweight training systems to work individually and produce great results in increased swing speed. We also intend for these systems to work together for optimal speed gains. For players who have been working with our OverSpeed Training products for some time and are training with our level 4 or 5 protocols, we recommend adding in the Counterweight training during every session. We just recommend modifying the level 4 or 5 overspeed training protocol by a 50% reduction in reps. For players who are just starting out with both systems, we recommend performing the level 1, 2, or 3 protocol 2 days a week and the counterweight training protocols once per week for optimal results.


What’s in the Box:

  • SuperSpeed Golf 3 Club Overspeed System of Your Choice
  • SuperSpeed Golf C Club of Your Choice
  • PRGR Portable Launch Monitor


Purchase this set to take your off-season speed training to another level

  • Use the men’s set (green, blue, red) if their driver weighs greater than or equal to 60g or they have a swing speed greater than 85mph.
  • Use the senior/ladies set (yellow, green, blue) if their driver weighs less than 60g or they have a swing speed equal to or below 85mph.
  • Use the Junior set if their driver is 43" or less and they are under 5'2". 
  • Use the adult SuperSpeed C (45.75") if you use a driver over 43" and the C Junior if its below.


Purchase this bundle to take your speed training to another level!

    AUD $49.95

    Strike Spray is extremely simple to use. Just apply a small amount of spray to the face of your golf club and let dry for about 10 seconds. After this you can strike a shot and see an imprint of where the golf ball made contact with the face. You can hit multiple shots to see your consistency of face contact as well. Re-apply as necessary for your practice session. When finished, just wipe your club clean with a damp towel!

    AUD $69.00

    The SuperSpeed Stability Pro is made of high-tech foam that will create both a comfortable kneeling pad for the SuperSpeed Training and a challenging, unstable surface for balance training! We manufactured this Stability Mat to provide support when a player has dual contact points with the Mat. This helps players cushion during the kneeling swings and avoid nasty grass stains from the driving range. At the same time, we made sure that this Stability Mat would offer a variety of uses for training stability, balance, PNF, and applying this training directly to the golf swing.

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